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Madlib - Low Budget High Fi Music (RSD Black Friday edition)

Madlib - Low Budget High Fi Music (RSD Black Friday edition)

Hip Hop/Rap
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Madlib Invazion

RSD Black Friday edition

A1 The Loop Digga Sounds Of The Studio (Prelude) 1:33
A2 The Professionals Hold Up 1:12
A3 The Loop Digga Handmade Hustle 1:14
A4 The Professionals Start Sumthin' (93033) 3:04
A5 The Loop Digga Minze (Come Closer) 1:23
A6 Madlib Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme) 3:22
A7 The Loop Digga The Ride (Nightcoastin') 2:15
A8 A.G. O.G. Pt. 1 (Whirlwind Mix) 2:15
A9 Oh No O.G. Pt. 2 (Underwater Mix) 1:44
A10 Frank Nitt Stageridin' (First Demo Double Image Mix) 3:50
B1 The Loop Digga Love/Hate 1:44
B2 Supreme Team Interview #4080 3:29
B3 The Loop Digga Embryo Thought 0:51
B4 The Loop Digga The Adventures Of Soul Bra And Docta Dick'Em (Pts. 1 & 2) 4:36
B5 MED & Poke Cheaters (Episode #3) 2:56
B6 The Loop Digga Mic Check (Smoke Break II) 1:34
B7 LMD Real Talk 3:20
B8 The Loop Digga The Sound Of Champions 1:05
B9 Strong Arm Steady Charlie Hustle 2:04
B10 MED Snakes 101 2:13
B11 J Rocc Uh (Outro) 0:19
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