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Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Collection (RSD Black Friday clear vinyl boxset)

Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Collection (RSD Black Friday clear vinyl boxset)

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Warner/Reprise Records

The Alternate Fleetwood Mac
A1 Monday Morning (Early Take)
A2 Warm Ways (Early Take)
A3 Blue Letter (Early Take)
A4 Rhiannon (Early Take)
A5 Over My Head (Early Take)
A6 Crystal (Early Version)
B1 Say You Love Me (Early Version)
B2 Landslide (Early Version)
B3 World Turning (Early Version)
B4 Sugar Daddy (Early Take)
B5 I’m So Afraid (Early Version)
The Alternate Rumours

C1 Second Hand News (Alternate)
C2 Dreams (Alternate)
C3 Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)
C4 Don't Stop (Alternate)
C5 Go Your Own Way (Alternate)
C6 Songbird (Alternate)
D1 The Chain (Demo)
D2 You Make Loving Fun (Alternate)
D3 I Don't Want To Know (Early Take)
D4 Oh Daddy (Alternate)
D5 Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)
The Alternate Tusk
E1 Over & Over (4/2/79)
E2 The Ledge (3/13/79)
E3 Think About Me (2/18/79)
E4 Save Me A Place (10/18/78)
E5 Sara (3/10/79)
F1 What Makes You Think You're The One (2/24/79)
F2 Storms (6/2/79)
F3 That's All For Everyone (10/20/78)
F4 Not That Funny (5/19/79)
F5 Sisters Of The Moon (11/12/78)
G1 Angel (4/2/79)
G2 That's Enough For Me (9/28/78)
G3 Brown Eyes (9/20/78)
G4 Never Make Me Cry (2/8/79)
G5 I Know I'm Not Wrong (11/2/78)
H1 Honey Hi (10/11/78)
H2 Beautiful Child (10/9/78)
H3 Walk A Thin Line (4/6/79)
H4 Tusk (7/19/79)
H5 Never Forget (6/29/78)
The Alternate Live
I1 Second Hand News
I2 The Chain
I3 Think About Me
I4 What Makes You Think You're The One
J1 Gold Dust Woman
J2 Brown Eyes
J3 The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
K1 Angel
K2 Hold Me
K3 Tusk
K4 You Make Loving Fun
L1 Sisters Of The Moon
L2 Songbird
L3 Blue Letter
The Alternate Mirage
M1 Love In Store (Early Version)
M2 Suma's Walk aka Can't Go Back (Outtake)
M3 That's Alright (Alternate Take)
M4 Book Of Love (Early Version)
M5 Gypsy (Early Version)
M6 Only Over You (Alternate Version)
N1 Empire State (Early Version)
N2 Straight Back (Original Album Version)
N3 Hold Me (Early Version)
N4 Oh Diane (Early Version)
N5 Eyes Of The World (Alternate Early Version)
N6 Wish You Were Here (Alternate Version)
The Alternate Tango In The Night
O1 Down Endless Street
O2 Special Kind Of Love (Demo)
O3 Seven Wonders (Early Version)
O4 Tango In The Night (Demo)
O5 Mystified (Alternate Version)
P1 Where We Belong (Demo)
P2 Juliet (Run-Through)
P3 Isn't It Midnight (Alternate Mix)
P4 Ooh My Love (Demo)
P5 You And I, Part I & II (Full Version)
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